Rito-ito is a design studio based in Mill Valley, California, that creates custom experiences through florals, scents, and objects.

Alexandra Rose Franco

Creative Director/Principal

Alexandra Rose Franco is the creative behind Rito-ito. An aesthetic and circuitous path led her to create Rito-ito, where she is building a small universe that values time, place, and craft. She has always appreciated dualities, dark and light being her favorite. An early passion and dedication to ballet taught her that beauty should be experienced every day. A training in cultural anthropology reminded her always to be curious about people and the importance of understanding context. A deep rooting in Marin County’s nature drew her to botanicals. A collegiate study of intaglio printmaking in New England’s winters primed her for being happiest working with her hands. Several years working as a floral designer throughout the Bay Area have taught her to appreciate impermanent materials and the magic of marking time with the season’s best flowers and foliage.

Max La Rivière-Hedrick

Service Designer

Max La Rivière-Hedrick is Alexandra’s partner in life, in all aspects. His experience in floral design, events, scent, and hospitality dovetail perfectly with Alexandra. Max takes the lead for Rito-ito in special projects, logistics, custom installations, digital, and photography. He was born and raised in Marin and shares three high-energy black and white dogs with Alexandra.

We create floral installations that value place and season, balance and harmony, wildness and duality, and color and texture. We care deeply about rites of passages, celebrations, and beautiful experiences for everyday.

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