Rito-ito is a design studio based in Mill Valley, California, that creates custom experiences through florals, scents, and objects.

Rito-ito believes in:

  • Place and seasons
  • Memories and dreams
  • Balance and harmony
  • Rustic and wildness
  • Color and texture
  • Old and new traditions
  • Rites of passage and celebrations
  • Duality and wabi-sabi

Alexandra Rose Franco

Alexandra Rose Franco is the creative behind Rito-ito. A circuitous path led her to create Rito-ito, where she is building a small universe. An early passion and dedication to ballet taught her that beauty should be experienced everyday. A training in cultural anthropology reminded her to always be curious about people and the importance of understanding context. A childhood spent in Marin County’s nature drew her to botanicals. A love of printmaking primed her for being happiest working with her hands and several years working as a floral designer throughout the Bay Area have taught her to appreciate impermanent materials.

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